Saturday, July 12, 2008

An Uncommon Five

That is a witty headline. You see, I spontaneously met D for an unplanned 5 mile run in the Commons this evening. Get it? Un-Common. Damn, I'm good.

Crazy day. Big event at work today: Newton's Revenge. We hire a publicist for this one, so my duties are streamlined. Therefore, I was able to hit the road at around 4:15. During the day, I had come up with this brilliant plan to do a night run in the Commons. D had already planned to run in the Commons after work, since she slept in this morning. And, since her mind was already made up, there was no changing it. Worked out great, though, as I was able to meet her right at 6:30 at the Bowdoin field house. I was only planning to run three today, but she wanted to get five. Hey, why not?

Nice run. Again, I was creaky to start, but warmed up as we moved along. The deer flies were quite friendly...which was unfortunate. I managed to kill a couple, and I was tempted to hit D in the back or head about 40 times during the run to kill one, but I refrained.

The calf lump is still there, but smaller. Felt fine during the run. Who knows? Hopefully, it will be gone in a couple days.

Big week this week: 6 days: 2 hiking/4 running. Good stuff. 27.25 miles this week, which is a high for this year. Planning on more next week. Build, build, build...

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