Friday, July 11, 2008

One Lump or One Lump?

As the day went along on Wednesday, following my long run, my right calf tightened up. In fact, it kind of grew a lump in it. It was really weird. It didn't feel overly tight. It didn't hurt. I just grew this angry, cranky mass of metabolic waste of yuk. It's a lump. Since then, I've heated, I've iced, I've massaged, I've Stick-ed. I pretty much did everything I could think of. It wouldn't go away.

I have a calf issue. Surprised?

Like I said, I tried everything I could think of. The only thing I didn't do was run. So, that's what I did this afternoon. Why the hell not?

I had no idea how it was going react. I didn't know if I was going to make it 6 feet or 6 miles. It turned out to be closer to the latter. It felt fine. No tightness. No pain. No nothing.

Right now? It feels like a rock. So, yeah, I have no idea. 3 miles planned for tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, the run itself. Felt pretty good. I was definitely creaky to start and was still clearly feeling the effects of Wednesday's run. My quads especially. But I felt a lot better as the run went along In fact, I thought about extending it, but I didn't want to overdo it. So, I think that's a really good sign. Plus, it was great to get back on trails after my last run was all on the road. I'm up at work, and ran what is essentially the perimeter of the western half of the trail system. I'm guessing it was right around 5.5. A nice loop.

But, yeah, there's this whole lump thing. I feel it the most right after I get up from sitting. I stretch it, and then I can't feel it. Well, I can always feel it, if I reach down to push on it. I guess if I can still run, then it can't be that bad. Can it?

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