Monday, July 14, 2008

15...Blah, blah, blah

D made me get up early and run 15 miles. She's mean.

We developed a cool route that included both the Commons and some of the better running roads around Brunswick. So, it was 5 on trails and 10 on the roads—a good mix. Here's what it looks like:

I have to admit the section through the Commons is less than accurate. MapMyRun (Google Maps?) doesn't have the most updated info on the area. One of the roads isn't on there. There has been a lot of development in the past couple years, so hopefully the data will catch up soon. So, I had to wing it. I know that it's 2.5 from the Bowdoin field house to Middle Bay Road. We probably ran a touch further today, since the most direct route is currently blocked off due to the construction of the new hockey arena. Yeah, Bowdoin is building. What a surprise. Anyway, I fudged it to get 2.5 on the way out and then retraced on the way back. Close enough.

Overall, it was an uneventful run. Nothing exciting to report. For me, that's pretty exciting. 15? Yeah, sure, no problem. I felt great the whole way. A little creaky in the knees at the start, but everything stretched out, and I was fine. It certainly helped that it was cloudy and 10 degrees cooler than my last long run. The Hammer Gel/HEED combo worked great again. I'm really getting used to and liking drinking on the long runs. 32 ounces down today.

One thing I have found is that somewhere around an hour my body decides it has had enough, and I have a period of reduced energy. Today, same deal. Then we hit an uphill, and I picked it up a touch and shook off that feeling. Smooth sailing the rest of the way.

D has a more exciting report here.

What she doesn't have is the song that was in my head at the end of the run:

Advantage: Me

Also, in her bird-sighting-filled post, she let the cat out of the bag about the MDI Marathon. We'll see. I'd really like to do it. In fact, I think it was even my idea. I've never done a marathon. D ran the Maine Marathon in 2006. I have all these plans and ideas. She thinks I'm nuts. But, if the training stays on track...well...we'll see.

Speaking of staying on track, remember the lump ? Well, it's gone. As I ran more this week, it happily went away. Who knows? Anyway, I'm glad it's gone. Hopefully, never to return.

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