Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day Off!

I'm taking today from running. But not from blogging! Yes, I'm that committed to my fans. (I hope that's plural.)

Instead of talking about how I feel a bit tired, but otherwise unaffected after yesterday's run, I'm going to talk about last night's Home Run Derby, which I actually watched. (Well, tried to watch. Our TV died. Everything is very red with a nuclear winter feel to it. Very unsettling.)

The story was Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers, who went off in the first round with 28 homers. You can watch the homer-by-homer recap here. It was pretty awesome.

Normally, the most annoying thing would be Chris Berman's very old, very stale Camilla the Chicken home run call. It almost made my dinner come backbackback. However, Joe Morgan took it to a whole new level. Hamilton's story of his drug and alcohol addiction has been well-documented, as well as, how he's turned his life around and how he's handling the entire situation now. It's very impressive. While the media, especially the Worldwide Leader, tends to over-hype these stories, this one doesn't bother me. What did bother me, nay piss me off, was Morgan's commentary. He claimed that more impressive than him basically coming back from the dead was his ability to be away from baseball for about 3 years, and still be able to hit major league pitching. Yup, breaking a massive heroin addiction is way easier than hitting a split-fingered fastball. Good call, Joe.

Sorry for the rant. We now return to our regularly scheduled program. My calves feel fine!

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