Monday, July 28, 2008

Full Circle

About 8 years ago, D and I did an overnight backpack on the Franconia Ridge. About four miles the first day, and maybe 8 the second. It nearly killed us. While we were hiking along the Franconia Ridge Trail, and I'll never forget this, we saw three people running along the ridge. It was the most insane thing we had ever seen. They had to be completely nuts. It was just wrong.

This weekend, D and I hiked along the Franconia Ridge again. It was our final piece of the AT in New Hampshire. We hiked 13 miles on Sunday and 14.7 miles on Monday. Oh yeah, we ran a bunch of it...including the Franconia Ridge. Yup, we're insane.

Here's my report.
Here's D report.
Here are the photos.

Here's an ad for some Estonian meat:

(Thanks to Matt for sending that.)

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