Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Muddy Maine

D and I have returned to civilization after 3 days in the Maine hinterlands banging out another 37 miles of the AT. Other than the damage to our feet caused by three days in wet boots, things are good. It was a good trip.

Here's My Official Report

Here's D's Report
Here are the Photos (Note the switch to flickr. We're dumping the Mac account, and D is slowly moving our AT photos. Apparently, it's a pain.)

And here are...CATS ON A TREADMILL!!!

(Everyone liked it so much the first time, I thought I'd bring them back.)


Sparkplug said...

Only a pain to move the photos as I've already uploaded them once and now have to do it again... but I think it will be good in the end!

UltraFlash said...

welcome back. yep, i know a thing or two about being wet this weekend in a tent. i just noticed you did the cranmore hill climb. how was it? i've done it the past two years and it was a killer!

sn0m8n said...

Actually, inside the tent was the only dry place...well, except for the wet, smelly hikers and clothes inside. Cranmore was really tough. It hurt more than Mt. Washington, but not as difficult...if that makes sense. For me, I hadn't done enough mileage to do three races in a row, and it was evident on the second time up the mountain. It was a different course this year, so not what you've done the last couple years.