Saturday, July 19, 2008

The 200th Post

The first 200 people to read the 200th post here at Snowman Says will each receive a wacky wall walker. Congratulations!

Ran three miles today. I managed to even get out and do it this morning before it got too hot. My motivation knows no bounds. Quick out and back along the powerlines and onto Highland Green Road. Completely unimaginative, but it was quick and easy. Just what I needed to round out a really solid week for me. The week ends with 33.5 miles. Probably the most mileage I've done since long before anyone was worried about the Y2K virus. Best of all, I felt legitimately good on all my runs this week. Full steam ahead.

Next week the mileage will be less, as D and I are off tomorrow to spend the next three days on the AT: Caratunk to Monson. It's about 36 miles and doesn't look too difficult. Famous last words. Hopefully, the scattered thunderstorms that are forecast will scattered somewhere else. I'm sure I'll have a grumble-filled report when we return.

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Jamie said...

I used to love that cereal as a kid, but now prefer Wheaties. I guess I'm getting old. See you and Danielle at MDI, I hope!