Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dodging Raindrops

Severe thunderstorm warnings. Potential for hail and tornadoes. Might as well go for a run. I waited for most of the day before going out. About 20 minutes before I went out, it absolutely poured. Build an ark kind of rain. Luckily, things changed by the time I hit the roads. In fact, as I left the parking lot at the Bowdoin Field House, the sun was almost peeking through...almost.


That was in my head the entire way. And I do mean the entire way.

Plan was for 5, so I hit the Middle Bay Road loop.

It started raining about halfway through. Barely noticed. Felt pretty solid the whole way. A little sluggish. It seems that after a day off, I always feel sluggish. Better than feeling sluggish after a couple days of running. So far, I'm very pleased with how the whole running/hiking combination has been working out. I thought I would have a hard time transitioning, but it's been fairly smooth. Hooray me.

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Jamie said...

I agree, hiking and running do compliment each other very nicely.

This rain here in Maine is insane.