Monday, December 1, 2008

What Training Plan?

So, I'm two days into my official training plan for the Mid-Winter 10-Mile Classic, and I've already broken it. Different runs both days. Yup, I'm batting 1.000. I was supposed to run 5 on Sunday and a 4-mile tempo run today. Um...not so much. I ran 11 on Sunday, and just 3 easy today.

I knew this was going to happen, for a couple reasons. First of all, I was supposed to start my plan a couple days after racing a 5-miler, so I knew that I would need to recover a bit. Secondly, I like long runs, so I'll be doing more of those. Third, I'm lazy. Most importantly, I'm going by feel, and this is what I felt like doing. I really felt like I needed to take it easy today, and I'll probably stick with that plan this week. I'd rather start my speedwork feeling good than feeling beat down.

Speaking of training, D and I went to Frontier tonight to have dinner with Nate, Shannon and Finley. The good thing about eating dinner with a 1 year-old is that you get to walk around and burn off calories while you eat. Maybe that's why I had two panninis...or maybe it's because I'm a pig. I also had 2 great beers. First, Williams Bros. Brewing - Edulum Elderberry Black Ale, which despite the presence of elderberry, was really good. Normally, I disapprove of fruit in beer, but in this case, it actually added to the taste. Second, I had an Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout. In short, this thing is aggressive. Good, but at 9% alcohol, it packs a punch. A delicious, tasty, alcohol-filled punch.


middle.professor said...

Yummy. We need a TMR happy hour at Frontier. But then we'd need DDs to get us back home. Where are those Mormon running friends when you need them?

Also I like your healthy attitude about the training plan! More of a guide than a plan. My training is kind of like a lot of modern religiosity - I take what I like from different gurus and ignore the rest. Or to paraphrase the sign on B. Clinton's desk "Keep it Spontaneous Stupid".

sn0m8n said...

A TMR get together at Frontier is a great idea. Perhaps after the first of the year. Frontier is da bombdiggity.

I think that guide might even be too stringent. Oh well.