Thursday, December 11, 2008

Driving By Pineland? Go for a Run!

I can now convincingly say that listening to Rob Zombie while driving in freezing rain isn't the best idea. It doesn't exactly encourage taking it easy.

It does kind of keep you moving during a run in freezing rain, though.

Fair amount of driving for me today, and as part of that driving, I found myself going by Pineland. I wasn't sure how or when I was going to squeeze a run in today, so I just pulled into the Y parking lot and headed out. Oh, and yes, I'm that guy: I now make sure I have running clothes with me at all times...just in case. Anywho, I ran the Oak Hill Loop backwards. Well, not backwards, but in the opposite direction of the Pineland Farms Trail Challenge 50k and 50M. (See how I didn't even mention the 25k? There is no 25k. It's dead to me.) Felt good despite getting pelted with frozen nuggets from the sky.

Side note: Wore my new screw shoes. Seemed fine. Probably could have done without them, but they definitely helped on uphills. Things were crispy...frozen crispy.

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