Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time to Detox

Since we last left our hero (um...that's me), I was curious about my calf. Well, it's about the same. Or, it's more accurate to say that it is indeed a calf strain, and I haven't run in almost a week. I tried one day, but made it about 50 yards before experience told me not to push it. So, more rest and massage and it should be good to go. But, really, I need to figure out why I've had 3 calf strains in 6 months.

I already knew that this week would be a down one from a running standpoint, but I didn't plan on it being this down. But, aside from the calf, it was a great few days with two Christmases: one with my family in Massachusetts and one with D's parents in North Carolina. Here's a photo recap of the festivities:

This is before I battled with Obi Wan:

Javatinis! (Made by me...even melted the chocolate.)

My sister enjoying the deliciousness:

Family shot in North Carolina:

Golf is serious business:

Absolutely crushing it:

Looked so pretty it should have gone in:


A pause on the course to take a shot with one of our groupies:


middle.professor said...

My comment on your follow through was on sparkplug's post. But here I'll say I can tell by the way you lean on your club that you picked up the game by age 10. 11 latest.

sn0m8n said...

It was indeed age 10. I lived about .5 mile from a course when I was a kid. I played everyday in the summer from age 12-17. Now, I'm lucky to play once a year. That once this year was the two rounds this week. I did go 102, 94, which wasn't too shabby.

middle.professor said...

You could probably tell from the follow through of my kick or the way that I lean on my ski poles that I picked up the game of skiing at about the age of 39. 40 latest. (I too learned to play golf at age ten but haven't played even a single round the last two summers. We should get out for kicks and giggles [and beers] once next summer - once is enough!).