Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow Means Slow...That is the Tempo

...with apologies to the Beastie Boys.

With the weather forecast, I figured that my best bet for weather conditions was to get out no later than lunchtime today. It was supposed to get rainy and gross as the day went on. It started snowing about 7:30 and picked up throughout the day. The temperature was also rising. I knew the rain was coming. So, at about 11:30, I headed out. It was snowing heavily, and it was about 20 degrees.

I headed down the powerlines for the 5-mile Highland Green loop with the plan to run the first mile easy, and then run the next 3 as a quasi-tempo run. With the conditions, I had no idea what pace I would hit, so I just picked it up as I went. There were about 2 inches of snow on the ground...just enough to hide the ice underneath. I never fell, but I slipped a number of times. I ended up running the middle approximately 3 miles in 22:06. So, kinda slowish, but it was snowy. And, I was trying not to kill myself. I wasn't taking any chances. Not sure it really tells me anything, but it seemed like a good, moderate workout. I felt pretty comfortable throughout. After I got home, the snow stoppped...grumble. Screw shoes would have really helped. And speaking of screw shoes...

During this time of year, you'll find households taking time to hang wreaths, trim trees, and generally make their homes festive. We spent the night with smelly shoes, power tools and sheet metal screws. Then again, Body Glide is also a permanent fixture on our coffee table. The process would have been much quicker if both my drill batteries had not been dead. (When you loan someone your drill and they return with two dead batteries, you can legally smack them the next time you see them. So, Nate will be getting a smack next time I see him.) It was kind of a hassle, but I had the system nailed by the end. D...well...she was angry. There was much swearing.

Here are my results:

And here's Ronnie wondering why I gave D the drill:

That's true fear in his eyes.

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