Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Brilliant Recovery Strategy

To Recap: Last Thursday, I raced in the Feaster Five, pictured at left in my brand new, ultra-badass, TMR gear. Friday: Off. Saturday: I skied in the morning and ran in the evening. Sunday: D and I ran 11-ish at Bradbury, and despite the claims of both Chuck and Ian, I swear I wasn't intentionally pushing the pace. Monday: Easy 3. Tuesday: Off, so it was looking more like recovery...but...

Today, I ran 5 miles a touch faster than I should have. I was cold at the start, and I did the stupid "run faster because it will make me warmer faster" thing. Then I got caught in the "I know I'm running a little too fast, but I just can't seem to slow down" thing. I don't know any of the mile markers, so looking at my watch wouldn't have done me any good anyway. Plus, I was running the loop in the opposite direction for the first time. The end result was 5 miles in 38:58. Not blazing fast, but more effort than I needed while trying to recover. And, I know I need to recover. The official training plan called for 3x800 today. I'm really glad I didn't go that route. I did a good job recovering from the marathon, so I need to pay a little more attention so I'll be ready for the race in February. That being said, I keep thinking about the second Oak Hill Loop in the Pineland Farms 50k, and I keep thinking about crushing it. So, I'll be taking it easy the next couple days, and doing my best to get out despite diminishing daylight and other early winter challenges.

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