Friday, May 16, 2008

Spring Trail Running Series, Week 1

First of all, don't each enchilada pie for lunch on race day. It's just a bad idea. Trust me.

Well, the first week of the Spring Trail Running Series is in the books, and I have to say it was successful. My plan was to run hard, but conservatively. I needed to test out my calf, but not overdo it. Mission accomplished. Everything felt fine during the run, and everything feels fine today. Tight in the hamstrings from the effort, but nothing to worry about. That being said, I'm definitely not as fit as I would like. The course is really hilly. The first mile is easy, but the second mile is killer—practically all uphill with plenty of gnarly single track. It's rugged, and a good test. I would have felt better about the test if it hadn't been my first real speed work of the season, but I'll take it. The course is 3.5 miles, and I finished in 26:27. Slower than I would like, but faster than I thought it would be after my test run on Wednesday. All in all, a good day. Here are the results. (Before anyone gets all excited about my name being at the top of the results sheet, you have to know that it's a really, really small pond. Plus, I did get beat...but she was in the Olympics.)

Shifting gears, I found this compilation of "Manny's Greatest Hits" too good not to share.

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