Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Short, easy run on the trails at Great Glen this evening. I explored some single track I hadn't run before, which was cool. Overall, I felt kind of creaky. Nothing hurt, but everything just felt a little off. Probably due to a crazy work day and the fact that I didn't hit the trails until about 6:15. I definitely prefer to run the afternoon, but this was a little too late. Anyway, nothing exciting to report. Trail Running Series again tomorrow night. I'm not planning to go all out as there's that little matter of 25k on Sunday.

It's funny, I do find myself thinking a lot about the 25k when I'm out running. I feel like I pretty much have my "race" strategy planned out. I know where I want to take it easy, and I know where I want to push it. I am missing one major piece: the pace. I know what I'd like to run, but that's probably not going to happen. I have an idea of what I think I could do pace-wise, but that seems really slow. I really don't want to die like I did in February at the 10-Miler. That sucked, so I'd like to avoid a repeat performance. So, maybe I don't have a strategy. Crap. I just stressed myself out.

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