Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Recovery Skip

OK, I wasn't actually skipping, but I did just runs 3 miles in the Commons. I felt great. Wow. I was a little tight, but that whole Pineland thing did just happen. I expected to be really creaky, but I felt great. I would also like to report that there are in fact a lot of ladyslippers in the Commons. But not 90. Maybe you need to be closer to the ground to see them.

Speaking of the Pineland thing, I've been thinking a lot about my result, and the more I think about it, the happier I get. I think my Mom put it in perspective for me. Normally, Moms aren't great for perspective: "I'm sure you were the best and most handsome runner out there!" But, she said, "Well, you ran." Based on how things looked a month ago, I guess that really is an accomplishment. I didn't run for a whole month! And that month was last month! I've also been reading a number of race reports from across the Interwebs (Everyone agrees it was an awesome race!), and I realized that these people have all been doing a lot of running. Me, not so much. The most mileage I've done in any single week so far this year is 26. 26. That's it. Plus, I've come to realize I'm really starting from scratch.

Mike and I were talking after the race, and he said that I should run the Mayor's Cup, which is a annual cross country race held in Franklin Park each October. To race, they request that you can run a sub-30:00 8k.
Me: "There's no way I can break 30:00 for 8k right now."
Mike: "You used to be able to do that in your sleep. Sure you can."
Me: "That was 10 years ago."

And, I think that's just it. I haven't been this interested in running since college. Not even close. Between injuries, burn out and more injuries, running just hasn't been a priority. Sure, I've dabbled, but barely. This is all a little different. I'm starting over. Yes, I once ran 16:09 for 5k, but that was a different person. So, for now, I'm going to keep running, build up the mileage and throw a few races in between. Who knows where I'll end up. And, really, right now, just running is the important thing. So, the Pineland Farm 25k? I had an awesome race. That being said, it still hurt like hell.

Speaking of awesome races, here are a couple race reports:
Jamie (I haven't officially met him yet, but I read his blog. He runs a lot. Impressive.)

So, this post is all full of happy happy, here's something gross. It involves poop. Running and poop. And something that I'm really glad didn't happen to me on Sunday. Click at your own peril.

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