Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Back in the day, I was seen running a steeplechase or two. Not very fast, I must add. But, thankfully, I've never done this.

Kid Fails At Steeplechase - Watch more free videos

And, yes, these are the posts you'll be subjected to on my days off. Then again, they're probably not any better than the regularly scheduled programming.


JAD said...

This is worse,
But I watched the same guy break his national record in the 10K last week.
Also it looks like an undertrained Mexican from South Boston is going to kick you ass in that silly farm race.

sn0m8n said...

After I saw the one I posted, I spent the next 10 minutes watching steeplechase crashes, and that one is rough. Probably a good move for him to move up to the 10. And, of course, he's going to kick my ass...I'm old and fat.