Friday, May 2, 2008


Short, 3-miler today in the Commons. Same route I always get lost on. Didn't get lost today, which was an accomplishment. Also, an accomplishment was just getting out the door, since I'm still fighting this cold. Felt better today, but still not 100%. It felt good to get the blood flowing. Oh yeah, the calf thing. Nothing to report. No news is definitely good news.

The Commons were surprisingly dry, even though 6 inches of rain fell the other day. My new shoes still look almost new. They're embarrassingly glowing white.

Speaking of new shoes, I know you've all been wondering what I ended up doing with my shoe dilemma. I returned the Brooks to Maine Running Company. I don't think they would be bad shoes for me, but those are the shoes that I initially hurt my calf in. So, they have bad juju. They had to go. (The good news is that we traded them in for a new pair of shoes for D.) I ended up finding my old shoes online, so I'm right back where I started. I'm happy though because I really like them. They fit. What a novel concept. So, I'm back in the Asics Kayano IX's, which are three versions behind the current model. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick them up for a little while longer. I also picked up a pair of Merrell Cruise Controls at L.L. Bean. I had never even thought about Merrell for running shoes, but they look to be really nice trail runners. It make sense, they make great hiking boots. I'm had good success with their boots in the past, so I'm hopeful that these will work for me. If not, I can return them. I could set them on fire, and L.L. Bean will still take them back. I haven't run in them yet because I was waiting until my calf healed. I'm planning to try them next week.

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