Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Commons, Shoes, Racists and Swimmers

Back to the Commons today for a 3-miler. Basically, it was a recovery run from our long run the other day. I was a little creaky at the start, but overall, I felt fine. Nothing at all from the calf, and my cold is just about gone.

The best news of the run was my new shoes. Believe it or not, I've actually found another pair of shoes that fit: Merrell Cruise Controls. As I was running along I thought, "I'm cruising, but I'm in control." They'll be great trail shoes, and they only weigh an ounce more than my Asics. I'm psyched to finally find something that will work. I'm also thinking about using these on dayhikes because they're fairly sturdy.

The run was also good because I had to blow off some steam after running a couple short errands that took about 8 times longer than they should have because of people in my way. Don't people realize that I have things to do. "Buy three get one free" means that you have to buy three, not two. And, no I don't mind standing here for 5 minutes while the clerk explains it to you.

Also, while driving around, I was listening to NPR again. They were breaking down the Democratic Primary in Indiana. (Like I really needed to hear more after staying up until midnight last night watching MSNBC.) One of the analysts was profiling the voters that Hillary Clinton did the best with: white, lower income, less educated. He also said that these voters are those who are likely to vote for McCain, if Obama were to win the democratic nomination. Also in Indiana, among white voters that said that race was an issue, 75% or so voted for Clinton, and the majority of those voters have a lower income and are less educated. In other words, racists are likely to vote for McCain. That's awesome. ARRGGGGHHHHHHH!!! NPR makes me mad.

On a more uplifting note, this is impressive:

I think I need to spend $100,000 on a support crew. I'd be fast 41-year-old mom. Um, that didn't come out right.

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TANK said...

Commons = Good.
Shoes = Good.
Racists = Bad.
Swimmers = Good.