Sunday, March 1, 2009

This Makes No Sense

The hamstring issue has been an on-going saga. Well, saga in the sense that they've been tight every day. So, of course, I was somewhat concerned as to how they would feel after yesterday's long run. Well, today they felt better than they've felt in weeks. The lesson here: run more. I've officially given up trying to figure this whole running thing out. Maybe it was the donuts.

With that in mind, D and I headed out in the snow this afternoon. (We specifically waited until it starting snowing because we're hardcore.) Luckily, her back is feeling better, but she still didn't want to push it. We headed for the Commons and ran 3 easy miles together. After our loop, I added an addition 2 miles on the road. Parts felt great, and I'm feeling confident about boosting the mileage and level of seriousness. Or at least the level of donuts.


middle.professor said...

I'm compiling your ice land sagas and going to send them here:

Jamie said...

Are you stretching at all? I assume you are. Regardless, sometimes long runs simply get the kinks out.

sn0m8n said...

Stretching is my middle name...well, along with danger.