Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meadows, Mountains and Beaches

Two good runs the last couple days. On Friday, I ran the Meadow Cross Road loop from our house. I've developed a love/hate relationship with this route.

The Love:
- It's a good distance: 7.8 miles.
- It's hilly
- The back roads, for the most part, offer nice views

The Hate:
- It's road. (duh)
- It's always windy. Sometimes in each direction.
- The finish is along a major thoroughfare through the strip mall zone. Yuk.

In any event, I felt good on the run, even though I ran a little faster than I should have/planned.

We had a few friends come visit this weekend, and we decided a trip to Morse Mountain was in order on Saturday. I took advantage of the time to get in a short run up and over Morse Mountain and then along the beach. The road still had a surprising amount of snow and ice on it, which made it much trickier then I had anticipated. Because it was a beautiful day, there were a number of people with the same idea, and I got a number of funny looks and comments as I ran past. Running along the beach was great as the tide was low. I ended up running just about 4 miles and finished just as everyone was arriving at the beach. D was nice enough to carry some extra clothes for me, so I wouldn't freeze as we walked along the beach. All in all a great day.

I tried another lacing configuration with my new shoes, and they definitely felt better. I'm still not 100% convinced, but they seem like they'll work well for shortish runs. I just don't think they'll be the right shoe for me for long distances.

The short run at Morse Mountain put me at 41 miles for the week. (It's much easier to get to 40 when you run 20 miles in one day.) Big week for me, and while I was a touch tired on my run on Saturday, I think I'm headed in the right direction.

Today? Um...well, we had a good time last night. Not so much this morning...or afternoon.

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