Sunday, March 15, 2009

Twenty at Bradbury

My ankles are sore.

I met up with Ian, Emma and Jim at Bradbury this morning. Blaine was already on the trails getting in a few extra miles, and he joined us as well. We started out with a loop of the Fat Ass course, and then headed out on the Snowmobile Trail for an out-and-back. For the first two hours, the trails were fairly firm as it was still cold. Gradually, things warmed, and it got a bit sloppy. We returned back to the parking lot with 16 miles down and headed out for another Fat Ass loop. Blaine had already gotten in 23 miles, so he called it a day. My plan was for 18, but what's another 2 miles on a beautiful March day? It was indeed beautiful...and warm. It had to be close to 50 as we headed out again, and things were getting sloppy. Admittedly, I was getting tired and my ankles were doubly tired. My energy was surprisingly not that bad after some crazy days at work and such. The downhills were tough because of my ankles, so I played it fairly conservative. Back to the parking lot for a total time of about 3:27. Not bad at all.

Right now, I need to go eat more.


Jamie said...

Well done, sir. Hopefully we'll have more mud than snow in two weeks.

middle.professor said...

Nice run snowman.

Blaine Moore said...

I took care of the food today, but never got around to doing the whole nap thing. Hopefully you found some time for one!

Good run today.

sn0m8n said...

No nap for me either...but I did eat all day...seriously, I didn't stop.