Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Shoe Test

In my never ending quest for the perfect shoes, I recently picked up a pair of LaSportiva Lynx. In short, the verdict is still out. I have huge problems due to small feet, specifically teeny-tiny, little, narrow heels. Thus, I need a shoe with a good heel cradle and a lot of stuff to keep the heel in place. Very few shoes are small enough. Currently, my trail shoes are the Merrell Cruise Control. For the most part, I really like them. Most importantly, they fit me. But, they're fairly heavy, and they're a big, beefy shoe. I'm looking for something a little lighter and more streamlined. Basically, my feet suck, and I'm picky.

That being said, the Lynx felt good when I tried them on. (Two days in a row.) And, I like everything about them while running. They're stable. They're comfortable. Great traction. I dig 'em. However, there was a little—just a touch—of slippage in my right heel. Somewhat troublesome. No blister over 5 miles today, but I know it's there. I tired a moderately funky lacing pattern that I thought would keep the heel snug. I'm going to try something less funky on my next run. Also, when I first put them on, they feel a touch short. They feel fine while I'm running though. It's probably jsut a smaller toebox than I'm used to. So, like I said the verdict is still out, but I'm hopeful.

As far as how the run felt, nothing but good news on that front. I took Tuesday off as a rest day and had planned to ski yesterday, but ended up with a 0 for a variety of reasons. My ankles weren't sore at all today, and I had a fair amount of spring in my step. Good signs.


Laurel said...

If you can swallow your male pride, you should try a woman's shoe for a good heel fit for a narrow heel. No one will know as long as you don't pick a model that comes in baby blue or pink.

sn0m8n said...

I have no pride!

Actually, I was *this* close to buying the LaSportiva women's Fireblade. It was definitely snugger (more snug? mas snugolio?), but that shoe has a lower heel profile. And, I could feel some heel slippage.

Oh, and I'm better off with a stability shoe. The Fireblades are more neutralish.

middle.professor said...

Exxxxxtreme harrrrrdcore men eat shoes for lunch and run barefoot.