Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Still in rest mode after my 27 miles on Saturday. Speaking of those miles, in my last post, I forgot to mention that 27 miles is the farthest I've ever run. And, the nearly 6 hours of running is the most amount of time I've ever run. Two PRs in one day. Groovy.

As I anticipated, my knee feels completely fine. My calf also felt a lot better today. I've been heating, foam rolling and stretching it quite a bit. Plus, we had dinner with Nate & Shannon tonight, and she offered to work on my calf. It wasn't the most relaxing massage I've ever had as Finley was being a 17-month old and climbing on top of me during it. But, my calf does feel a lot better. I probably could have run today, but I figured it couldn't hurt to rest for another day. Back at it tomorrow.

And now for some social commentary...
Has anyone seen the latest Asics TV ad? The one with the dude running in a M.C. Escher drawing and the white bubbles? Does that ad make you want to run? It makes no sense. And, even a scrawny runner guy like me could beat up the "runner" in the ad. I groan every time I see it. Asics should call the ad agency who did the Adidas "Runners, Yeah We're Different" campaign. Those guys got it. Great ads.

As I type, VH1 is on the tube...but surprisingly it's not a reality show. Currently, it's "100 Greatest One-Hit Wonders of the '80's." Some of them are obvious, but I have to personally take exception with one: Midnight Oil. I guess "Beds are Burning" is their biggest hit:

But...they were a great band. Really great. I have all their albums (most on cassette), and I've seen them live twice. Awesome shows both times. Plus, the lead singer is a 7 foot bald guy! There's no way they're a one hit wonder. OK, no one cares about this but me. Here's some Midnight Oil:

Oh, and here's a true one hit wonder:


TANK said...

I didn't know it was humanly possible to run 27 miles. I thought at 26.2 your body automatically falls over and dehydrates. You deserve like 3 weeks of rest. And by the way, I agree completely about Midnight Oil.

sn0m8n said...

Tank lives!!!

If I can run 27 miles, then it's definitely humanly possible. Plus, I ate Pringles every 4 miles, how can you go wrong?

At least someone agrees with me about Midnight Oil...and you're not even Australian.

gopher68 said...

I usually just lurk around on running blogs without commenting, but any runner who posts something about one of my favorite bands (Midnight Oil, not Men Without Hats) deserves a comment. I third your motion about The Oils -- they are an awesome band and they put on an unbelievable show. And no, I'm not an Aussie, either, just a mediocre runner from Minnesota. Thanks for the Truganini video -- I've never seen that before.

And nice job on the long run this past weekend.

-- Brian

sn0m8n said...

I'm HUGE in Minnesota!

Perhaps we should start a mediocre runners for Midnight Oil fan club.