Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trail Monster Running Fat Ass

Today was the Trail Monster Running Fat Ass 50k. First of all, many thanks to Chuck and Katy for not only hosting the run from their house but allowing us to pretty much take over. They went above and beyond. Plus, Chuck did a great job of coming up with an alternate route after the planned route was not going to work. (Closed to snowmobiles = unpacked snow = not runnable.) The route was a 5-mile lollipop from their house with an up and over Hedgehog Mountain — the highest point in Freeport. So, you know we're hardcore. Plus, there was the Field of Death—fraught with soft snow, postholing, ice and icy water. So, we're like double hardcore.

About 16 of us hit the trails, with the option to do between 1 and 6 laps. Only Floyd, Ian and Alan opted for all 6 laps and the full 50k. Stephen had run from his house, and he also ended the day with 31 miles. Personally, I ran 3 laps, 15 miles. Just what I planned, and just what I needed. I could have run more, but I didn't want to jump up my mileage too high too fast. I felt great the whole way. (Well, still some hamstring tightness.) Lots of great conversations along the trail, and an awesome day all around.

Photos here.

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