Sunday, October 26, 2008

Recovery Scuffle

Is there anything more theraputic than running through mud, puddles and muddy puddles?

D and I headed to Bradbury today for a 5-6-ish trail run. We decided to run the Bradbury Scuffle course...very easy. After last night's rain, things were really messy, and with all the fallen leaves many of the squishy parts were hidden. Perfect conditions! It was really nice to not be on the roads, and we made our way slowly along. Still feeling tired, but this run was as much about mental recovery and it was physical. We decided to cut it a bit short and turned for the parking lot at the Link Trail giving us almost exactly an hour of running. Nice day in the woods.

On the negative side, I wore my official MDI Marathon Finishers shirt. Dear t-shirt designers: Don't screenprint a big green blob in the shape of Mount Desert Island on the front of the shirt. It sort of defeats the whole wicking thing. And, it's kinda heavy and scratchy. Then again, all the chicks were digging it.

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