Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back At It

Got out today for my first post-marathon run. I even had to relace my shoe that I'd attached my timing chip to. I wore shorts. It was in the 40's. I'm wicked tough. Overall, I felt good. A little tight, but nothing out of the ordinary. Seems like that's a good sign.

The only negative is the awesome toe. It's not so awesome. It kinda hurts. It doesn't look that bad, but it doesn't look that good. I hope another day off of it tomorrow will be a good thing.

By the way, winter's coming. Here's what Mt. Washington looked liked today:

There's even a few patches of snow on the ground at the base of the mountain. Back to those shorts I wore today. Yeah, I think it's time for me to get actual running tights. I have some heavier pants, but they're only good when it's really cold. I didn't think I really deserved real tights recently, since I was just a dabbler. But, I think I'll get a pair. Look out, ladies!


Trail Monster Running said...

When are we going to see a picture of that toe? I want to see how it compares to mine, it's been 3.5 weeks since I bashed the hell out of it and the damn thing still hasn't fallen off yet.

Also, send some pictures when you get the tights!

sn0m8n said...

The toe looked awesome on Monday, but it doesn't really look that impressive anymore. It's disappointing. But, I do take requests, so I'll get a picture tonight.

Tight picture < Bubble bath picture