Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Headed out today at lunch for another easy 3-mile recovery run. In the first couple steps, I could feel a difference. I immediately felt like my pre-marathon self with a bit of spring in my step. Very good sign. Still taking it easy this week, though, as the goal is still recovery, but it's always nice to be heading in the right direction.

I did a run today that I hadn't done in a long time, but it was a staple of my return to running regimen. It's a hilly, trail/road mix that's right from the front door. Good stuff.

Look at mapmyrun.com's groovy new elevation profile! Now with pretty colors! WHEEEE! I guess when you return to running by running a hilly loop regularly you like running hills. Hence, MDI success. Yay hills on what I call the Mt. Ararat 30.

30, because it takes about 30 minutes to run. I have no idea how long it took today. I forgot to hit my watch when I started/hit the wrong button/I have no idea what happened. Regardless, I didn't look at my watch once while running, so I didn't realize I didn't have a watch on it. Another good sign that I'm feeling good.

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