Friday, October 10, 2008

Kinda Easy

Plan for yesterday during the trail running series was to just run easy. No effort at all. Well, for those of you who have ever been timed for doing something, know that taking it completely easy is pretty much impossible. Damn ego. That being said, I did take it relatively easy. Easy two mile warm up, and then I just ran nice and smooth. Any time I felt myself working a little harder, I backed off. It was like a really mellow tempo run. I was really tight during my warm up, but everything seemed to smooth itself out during the run. Crossed the line and immediately went out for a 1-mile cool down. My time was about 2 minutes slower than my fastest time, but felt 1,000 times easier. Feeling good.

Took today off, and then it's a short run tomorrow. Plan is to focus on stretching and hanging out on the foam roller as much as possible this week to keep loose. Also need to keep loose mentally. I think I'm doing that. As a bit of a preview to my official MDI preview post, I have to say that I feel ready. To help me stay loose:

That will never get old.

PF Factor: .25 - I'm hopeful that we're reaching the last few installments of the PF Factor. Fingers crossed.

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