Thursday, October 16, 2008

Burning the Second Grilled Cheese

I needed to run today. It was essential. I hadn't run since Sunday due to my cold, and I was starting to freak out. Additionally, I haven't been sleeping. Lots of staring at the ceiling at midnight. Good times. Tapering is awesome.

So, I got out this morning. Like the second grilled cheese, I was really looking forward to this run. It was meh. So so. I didn't feel very good. In fact, I felt downright sluggish. I had no energy. Uh oh. Of course, this is how you're supposed to feel when you're, right? I haven't tapered for so long, I can't remember. The real downside was that while I was running along feeling like boo boo, I started thinking the dreaded negative thoughts. "I've been sick, so maybe Sunday won't be my day." AHHHH! Be gone evil demons! In the last mile, I did a pretty solid job of exorcising those wicked spirits as I felt better and better as I finished up my run. How did I do this? I kept thinking about all the people I'm going to pass in the final 5 miles of the marathon.

I've also decided that marathon weekend is going to be awesome 80's dance party weekend. The iPod will only be playing tunes from the 80's. The drive to Bar Harbor is going to be so much fun! (D hates me already.) And, for your viewing pleasure, if bands sang exactly what was happening in their videos:

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Trail Monster Running said...

Running marathons is like a mullet, business in the front, party in the back.

If you try to run fast with the front of the pack it will be hard work and not very enjoyable, but if you take it easy and hang back you will have more fun.