Saturday, October 25, 2008

Apparently, Pants are Optional

As I was nearing the end of my run this afternoon, I passed through a four-way intersection in the trail in the Commons. This intersection is less than a half mile from the parking area. As I crested a small hill and began to run down into the intersection, I realized there was a woman sitting on the bench directly across from the direction from which I was approaching. The woman was partially obscured by a bush, but I could tell that she had her pants pulled down. But, sadly, this is not the start of a Penthouse Forum letter. The woman in question do I put, heavy set. Yeah, that's it. She stood up and pulled up her pants, as I tried my best to avert my eyes, but I was caught in a bit of the "train wreck factor." She said in a friendly tone and very matter-of-factly, "Hi, how are you?" I'm not sure exactly what I said, but I was really just hoping the entire situation would just end. I ran a little faster.

Speaking of the run, I felt exactly the same way D felt on her run this morning: it felt like waaaaayyyy more effort that it should have been for a slow, 3-mile run. I guess I must have run a marathon last weekend. To be expected while recovering I guess. I'm still pretty tight, but, again, that's no surprise. Slow and steady the next couple weeks.

Nothing new to report on the toe front, but I bet you're all happy that this new post pushed that picture below the fold!

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