Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Road Mist, Headwinds and Dead Legs

Just finished a run, and it was not easy.
With the crazy temperatures lately, the snow is melting and the roads are wet. Wet roads mean that each car creates a trail of mist behind it. You know the gritty, black mist that makes you run out of windshield washer fluid in about 5 miles? Well, I got sprayed with that mist constantly on this run. Ah, Route 201.
On the way back the headwinds were unnecessary. On one short downhill, I could actually feel them holding me back. They also helped ensure that the road mist stuck to my face. Headwinds on the return of an out and back are so unfair because they were friendly tailwinds that you didn't even notice on the way out. Needless to say, I was a little slower on the way back.
Finally, my legs were pretty tired. Overall, I felt good, but there wasn't any spring there. I knew this would be the case going in, since this was my sixth day in a row of working out. But I won't have a chance to run for the rest of the week, and I wanted to make sure I got 5 or 6 in today. So it was worth it.
I think it ended up being a 6-miler, but I need to clock the mileage to be certain.
And, yes, this is sort of a filler post while I plan my MEGA UPDATE with reports on our Acadia trip and the first week of Nordic Meisters. I know you're on the edge of your seats.

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