Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's official

Yesterday, D signed us up the for Maine Track Club Mid-Winter 10-Mile Classic.

I guess when I phrase it like that it makes it sound as if I had no idea that it was happening. Well, I did. In fact, D claims it was my idea. I've even been kind of training for it. I say kind of because it's tough to train for a 10-mile race when your weekly mileage for the last four weeks has been 11, 9.5, 9.5 and 15. Hopefully, hours matter because I have been skiing a fair amount. It's not a question of being able to run 10 miles. It's the fact that I don't want to get beat by any old women pushing strollers. Actually, the fact that I'm not injured and can actually run 10 miles is pretty sweet and sadly unusual.

You also may be wondering how I know my mileages for the last couple weeks. Well, I'll tell you. I now have an actual training log. I write in it and everything. It's very high tech.

In other news, I'm currently listening to this song:

And the other day, my sister told me my blog was boring. Pish-posh! I dare you to find a better combination of running nerdery and Def Leppard anywhere on the Interweb.


TANK said...

I always get beat by old women pushing strollers. It's no big deal.

sn0m8n said...

Well, as long as you look good doing it...