Sunday, January 27, 2008

An Easy Five

With a week to go before the 10 Miles of Potential Doom, I'd say that all systems are go. D and I ran an easy 5 today on the Brunswick/Topsham bike path. Everything felt great. I was a bit creeky at the start, which seems to be the norm after taking a day off, but once we got moving I felt great. In fact, the last three entries in my training log include that phrase: "Felt Great." Hopefully, that's a good sign. Plan for the week is to take it easy, with the exception of Nordic Meisters on Tuesday. I'll also be sure to get in plenty of stretching. I figure all this effort over the last few weeks will make me a whole 4 or 5 minutes faster over the 10 miles, and place me solidly in the middle of the pack (based on last year's results). So, yah, totally worth it.

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