Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's not the heat. It's the humidity.

I hate that saying. If it's hot, it doesn't matter that it's humid. It still sucks. And today, it wasn't the cold, it was the wind. But actually, it was both. It wasn't exactly balmy today. Maybe I'm just searching for blog fodder, because it was 17 degrees with light winds when I went for a run this afternoon. Really nothing to complain about. Sure, it wasn't 60 and calm, but it wasn't catastrophic.

I think it was an important run. I was tired and tight going into it, but I feel a lot better now that's it done. I revisited an old route from college, Middle Bay. I added a piece on at the end to make it 6 miles. The goal was to stay relaxed and just let it flow. It went well. I felt great. Very relaxed, and my body felt really good. It took me 51:07, which I thought was solid in the cold and the wind, especially for how easy it felt. I stretched a good amount afterwards and ate a box of mac n cheese. What? Eating is an important part of training.

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