Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Gee, that's an original post title. This blog is destined for greatness.

D sent a email to various friends and family and the like "formally announcing" that we do indeed have jumped on the blogging bandwagon. It will be great in 2012 to crack a joke that "blogging was so 2007." OK, maybe not great, but almost kinda funny. Or not. Anyway, welcome aboard everyone. I'll try to at least post something every couple days because I know you're all dying to read about the enthralling details of my life.

Apparently, it now snows just about every day here on the coast of Maine. Who knew? It's pretty awesome, and the skiing has been great. Let's hope it keeps up. Of course, it's probably just another sign of climate change. "But, global warming means it's supposed to be more hotter and stuff. It's all snowy, man." Um, yeah, you're an idiot.

And, yes, that's my big political statement for the year. Here's a little ditty about climate change that is downright horrifying.

I think I need to go recycle something.


Rusty said...

How much cooler would the how it all ending video have been if Boyle had done it?

Rusty said...

err - how it all ended -
my first blog response and I screwed it up...I'm so stupid stupid stupid.

sn0m8n said...

"It all blew up...and we liked it!!!"