Sunday, January 13, 2008

Course Inspection

D and I started off Sunday with an 8-mile run. This is going to be the longest run that I'm going to do before the 10-miler. Overall, I felt pretty good. On longer runs, the fatigue definitely gets to my right knee. I can feel it tightening around the knee. Nothing bad, but not 100%. Hopefully, it will get stronger as I keep running that's been the case thus far. Anyway, it was a good run. We went a little faster than we planned. D blames me.

In the afternoon, we drove down to Cape Elizabeth to drive the 10-miler course. Um, yeah, that was a good idea. Apparently, Elizabeth was a curvy woman. There didn't seem to be a flat spot on the entire course. And most of it was uphill. How can a loop course be mostly uphill? I've scaled back my goals for the race. My new goal is to survive. It's going to be a boatload of fun.

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