Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Not much to report from the running front over the last few days. I'm still recovering, still trying to recover, and slowly recovering. Overall, the body feels pretty good. A few creaks and squeaks here and there, but nothing that's not expected after running 50k. My right shoulder is fairly grumpy still, and there's a fairly large knot in it. Driving, desk sitting and just having mediocre posture certainly haven't helped. Again, I need to pay more attention to my upper body. But, all in all, I'm feeling pretty decent.

I ran 3 miles on Saturday, a touch faster than I should have, but I felt OK. On Sunday morning, D and I ran 4 miles together, and I was sluggish at best. Some of that sluggishness could be contributed to the beverages at Novare Res the night before, although the whole recovery mode thing no doubt played a part. It was a really nice run, though. Off day on Monday, but back for another quick 3 today. Felt pretty good today, despite once again, running this loop a bit faster than I should have. I'm going to continue to the keep the pace down (or at least attempt to) and the mileage short the next few days. I'm really hoping my strength from training for Pineland will get me to the top of Mt. Washington in a couple weeks.

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