Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tuning Up

Week #6 of the trail running series at Great Glen Trails this afternoon. I guess it was a tune up for Saturday. Or, it was just a hardish workout. Or, it was foolishness too close to race. Perhaps it was all of those. Whatever it was, I felt pretty good. Big PR on this course, a minute and 25 seconds to be exact. Ended up with a 27:30 for the 3.5 miles, which works out to 7:51. I'm pretty pleased with that time considering the terrain, which is rugged and the level of effort, which certainly wasn't all out. My legs felt great, but the only problem was my guts—odd intestinal cramps after the first mile. I had them last week, too. Perhaps running hard in the afternoon/evening just doesn't agree with me. I didn't even eat any Pringles today. Easy run planned for tomorrow to get the blood moving and the junk out, then it's up Mt. Washington on Saturday. Looking forward to it.

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Laurel said...

Sounds like a good confidence building run, you'll do great at Mt Washington!