Monday, June 15, 2009

Less Running = Less Blogging

I haven't had much to blog about of late because I haven't been running much of late. The good news is that the little running that I have done has been very good. I've really turned a corner, and looking forward to Mt. Washington. Not sure if I'm physically ready/fully recovered but certainly ready to go, but mentally I'm ready. Last year, I was terrified. This year, I'm excited.

With regards to my last couple runs, there's nothing but good to report. On Saturday, I barely had any time to squeeze in a quick run, and it ended up being pretty quick. I ran my usual three-mile loop about three minutes faster than usual. I knew I was running at a faster pace than normal, but I didn't realize just how fast. Felt great the whole way. Then on Sunday, D, Jeff, Mindy (who should really get back to blogging) and I went on a Rockpile Recon mission to get a look at the Auto Road in prep for Saturday's race. We'd originally planned to run a bit on the Road, but the weather was nasty, so we opted for a run on the trails at the base at Great Glen Trails. D came along for the run, which was very cool...23 weeks and cruising. It rained on us, but it was fun to run with these guys. A few more easy runs this week, then it's time to run up the hill.

Speaking of running uphill, I've checked out the time predictor for Mt. Washington, with some interesting results. I'm pretty certain that the predictor is accurate because...well, runners are geeks and good at coming up with this stuff. Based on my last three races, here are the numbers:
1. Maine Track Club Mid-Winter 10-Mile Classic:
My Actual Time: 1:10:59 Mt. Washington Predicted Time: 1:29 - 1:34
2. Muddy Moose Trail Run - 14 Mile:
My Actual Time: 2:24:46 Mt. Washington Predicted Time: 2:07 - 2:14
3. Pineland Farms Trail Challenge - 50k:
My Actual Time: 5:17:31 Mt. Washington Predicted Time: 2:00 - 2:07

What does that tell me? Pretty much nothing. I wasn't happy with the 10-miler. Sucked a big pile o' boo boo at the Muddy Moose. Very happy with the result at the 50k. Last year at Mt. Washington, I ran 1:42:40. So, the predictor didn't really predict anything. It just gave me something to blog about. I do have a goal for the race. I'll let you know more about that on Saturday evening.


Jamie said...

Best of luck this weekend!!! Kick some butt! Times, schmimes... if you had fun, you won.

mindy said...

You are going to kick ass. I'll be watching the back of you and Jeff and that will pull me up the hill. More like, my elbow will be trying to reunite with Jeff, but that's another story...
I'm terrified, but excited. And yes, I need to get back to blogging pronto!

pathfinder said...

Lucky for you, there is only one hill during the 7.6 mile race to master. Keep thinking that while running Mt Washington....they say it helps....HAHA...I don't think so...I hope you have an exciting and satisfying race.