Friday, June 5, 2009


I thought I was on the right track, then today happened...

I'd been remiss in my mentioning of the Trail Running Series at Great Glen Trails this spring. It started 4 weeks ago, smack in the middle of my 50k taper, so although it's a great way to force yourself to do some speed work, it wasn't really part of my plan. I have been running in it, though. I skipped the first week due to a scheduling conflict, but I ran the course easily the last two weeks. And, yesterday, I decided to pick it up a tad. I ran the course at about 75%-80%, and felt decent the whole way. Let's call it quasi-up-tempo. My quads bothered me on the downhills, but I wasn't concerned. All in all, a solid run, and I felt like I was headed in the right direction.

Today was a totally different story. I was feeling a bit off and sluggish all day, but I finally forced myself out the door this evening. At best I felt crappy. My quads were killing me. I was actually chopping my strides on the downhills. Not good times. Quite possibly the worst run ever. It just felt like a huge step back. Hopefully, it was just one bad day.

Side note: Last night, I was driving home and found this gem on my iPod:

I clearly remember the painstaking process of drawing the Whitesnake logo on one of my binders. Yup, I was a cool freshman.


Jamie said...

Unsolicited advice, and for that I apologize.. but consider taking a few days off. Sounds like you're just kinda run down.

Whitesnake... ha! All I drew on my binder was people surfing waves and boobs.

Anonymous said...

As I was complaining to Jamie today about my second attempt to run since Pineland Farms (the run was under 3 miles, painfully slow and slowly painful), he told me you had a rough run too. Just wanted to let you know that you're not the only one still recovering out there! The way my running went today I can't believe that my legs made it 15 miles - 3 miles almost killed me. He tells me it will get better though!

Gnarls said...

sorry to hear about your run, i'm hurt too, my knee and foot are both buggered, the knee is the old ITB and the foot might be PF, thinking VT is off the cards. Take some time off and recharge, i'm taking even more time off, looking forward to my apt with Dr. Jamie tomorrow.

Have a speedy recovery.