Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trails Make Everything Better

After a day of computer staring, kitty wrangling, and a trip to the farm, I managed to carve out some time for a run. And it was good, very good. I headed across the street to the Cathance River Preserve. It was muddy. The puddles were big. And the singletrack was oh so tasty. I'm not ready to proclaim that my mojo is back, but this is certainly a step in the right direction. I felt great the whole way, and just had a great time in general.

I had planned to run the shorter loop, but I "missed" the turn off for the short option and ended up on the longer loop. I was out for just about an hour, even though I planned on about 40 minutes. Not a big deal, but I was supposed to be home to help with dinner. Oops. I did end up cutting off the Heath Trail that I usually use on the return, which was probably a good choice anyway because it has a number of bog bridges. The bog bridges that I did encounter were dangerously slippery. The first one I came to nearly sent me into a tree while pulling a hamstring and my groin. I took it easy on the bridges after that.

Two of my neighbors gave me strange looks when I got home. What a grown man can't play in the mud?


Laurel said...

If you are going to find that lost Mojo, It's sure to be out on the trail somewhere. Keep searching for it!

mindy said...

Trails DO make everything better. I'm confident your mojo is coming back full force. As for grown men playing in mud...it's ok...as long as it's not in a Turkish prison.