Monday, June 29, 2009


3. That's it. That's how many miles I ran last week. That's not a lot.

Yup, I've lost my mojo. A variety of nuggets of chaos in daily life have conspired against me, but that's really no excuse. After Pineland and as was evident at Mt. Washington, I just don't have the fire. I'm pretty certain it's two clear factors:
1. I'm still mentally fried from the effort of training for and racing the 50k. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, and I'm really glad I did it. But, it was wicked hard.
2. I don't have anything big and scary on the calendar for the summer or fall. Apparently, I'm motivated by fear.

I'm slightly upset by this. But, only slightly. When I feel like training seriously again, I will. Perhaps I'll start tomorrow. Perhaps not. I do know that I will get it going again...eventually. Hopefully, I'll have a groovy run post in the next few days. Until then, here's something from Jeff's favorite band:

Anyone else think Rick Allen's Union Jack shorts would look sahweeet with a TMR singlet?


mindy said...

I think I have a pair of those shorts from back in the day...if I can find them, they will make an appearance with the TMR singlet soon on a trail near you!

Trail Monster Running said...

Emma also has those shorts, and they look much better on her than on me. They actually came from Jim, and he claims to have worn them once which is a very scary thought considering they fit Emma pretty well. I'll see if I can find them for a run this weekend!

middle.professor said...

How 'bout running just for fun. Like a kid. barefoot through puddles. I'll even stop in a puddle and splash up and down in it with you!

Which reminds me of last week's Back Cove 5K. Lots and lots of shallow puddles (that course actually drains really well). it wasn't raining and it was easy enough to avoid the puddles and stay dry. But at the first one, I just couldn't help myself and I jumped high and landed with both feet flat. I'm not sure I made any friends around me but it was fun nonetheless.