Wednesday, June 10, 2009


After my last run, I've been considering retirement. Perhaps, I will retire. Yeah, I'm going to pull a Brett Farve. So, I was retired. For four days. No running. Part of this was by design. Part of this was due to circumstances that would have made it tricky to get any running in anyway. Saturday and Sunday, I was at a trade show for work: read, standing all day. Monday and Tuesday, I was working on the remodel...err cosmetic makeover...of our upstairs bathroom. So, not exactly resting, but I wasn't running. I unretired today.

Results were mixed. I didn't feel all that great, but I didn't feel terrible. The pain/fatigue/owie in my quads/groin/hip flexors is still there. Because of the location of the "discomfort" it's tough to tell if I'm sluggish. Each time I pick up my leg, I feel it. Hence, I'm not sure if it's sluggishness or the "discomfort." Very odd. Either way, 27:27 for 3 miles should not have felt as difficult as it did. I did start to feel a little better by the end, but that could just be because I knew I was finishing. I'm going to try another run tomorrow. Then I'll probably retire again. In other words, I'm totally pumped about my chances on Mt. Washington.

I did have this song in my head the whole time. No doubt because of the most hilarious thing that has ever happened in the history of things happening:

I could watch that over and over again...oh wait, I have.

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Jamie said...

You might want to consider a trip to see the sports chiropractor that me and a few others have been seeing. He would definitely fix you up.

Woohoo, Mt. Washington soon!