Friday, May 29, 2009

Human Again

After barely moving on Monday, hobbling on Tuesday, limping on Wednesday, I finally felt moderately OK enough to run on Thursday. Some tightness, and I could tell the heart rate was a bit higher than it normally would be for a 35 minute, 3.5 mile run. But, the good news is that I felt better after my run than I did before. Good sign. I took today off but have another easy run planned for tomorrow. Plenty of foam rolling in the plans for tonight.

I'm also planning on taking it easy next week as well. I'll ramp it up a bit the following week, but then Mt. Washington looms on the horizon. Literally and figuratively, I guess.

Still happy with my race. I tend to become less happy as time goes on. I already told D to be sure that 6 months from now I'm still happy with it. As far as my next race plans go, nothing big on the calendar. Mt. Washington, like I mentioned, is up first. Then, I plan to run all the races in the Bradbury Mountain Series. (Those Bradbury Bad Ass shirts are pretty sweet.) Nothing big planned for the fall...well, except for that one thing.

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