Monday, January 5, 2009

The Streak is Over

Alas, one of the greatest streaks in running history has ended. Until today I had run every day this year. Yup, 4 days in a row. And now it's gone. There will now be a period of mourning.

I had planned to run today, but thought it best to take the day off. My right leg is...well...I'm not really sure. It felt a little tight after Saturday's run. Then yesterday I thought that I could just run some blood into it. Instead, I ran some more tightness, some quasi-pain and an all around strange feeling. It's in my calf, knee, shin, ankle, hamstring...yeah, my leg. It's tough to describe, but I don't think it's anything serious. So, no more typing and more foam rolling.


mindy said...

The foam roller is the portal to hell. Well, maybe NOT foam rolling is the portal to hell. Way to take care of things now, it will pay off later for sure - hope things continue to loosen up.

TANK said...

You shouldn't be streaking in the Maine winter anyway. It's too cold.