Thursday, January 22, 2009

Operation Rejunvenation Detour

Well, I didn't really veer off the plan, I just changed the activity. Instead of a short run today, I went for an easy ski. The conditions right now are just too good to pass up. Picture perfect packed powder. There was a bit of wind, but as soon as I got in the woods it was barely noticeable. I decided to that in order to keep the heart rate down classic skiing would be the better choice. Since it was not much past 7:00, I had the trails to myself. All in all, a great morning.

Now, although I said and I'm convinced that the skiing is contributing to my hamstring tightness, I figured that if I took it really easy it wouldn't hurt. So, I skied really easy for about 50 minutes. And, after the ski, I stretched fairly well. Hopefully, no harm done. Either way, I felt much better for the rest of today. I didn't feel like I was dragging just walking around, so I think the rest has been good.


middle.professor said...

We must ski differently. On Tuesday I did 25K of easy skating at Pineland and barely got the HR above resting. Even the hills seemed pretty easy. On Wednesday I did about 12K of what I thought was easy striding at Pineland but the hills killed me. Even the long, shallow one from the River Trail back to the Visitor's center killed me.

On a different note, it would seem that classic would be worse for your hamstring than skating, since you actually use if for classic (mostly glutes and abductors for skating).

sn0m8n said...

It's all about efficiency. I'm a much more efficient classic skier. Skating, I'm closer to a starfish shot out of a cannon. Plus, I was on my waxless skis, which allows a modicum of laziness.

You skiing this weekend?