Monday, January 19, 2009

Operation Rejunvenation

I need to start over. Well, not completely, but I need to pull it back together. My legs are dead. My legs are tight. I'm kind of dead on my feet. So...Operation Rejuvenation.

Today's run, or shuffle, confirmed that. D and I hit the bike path for 5.5 miles, but I was worthless. No spring. No energy. No nothing.

Time to remedy that.

So, the plan for the next two weeks is slow, short, easy runs. But only a few of them. I'm also going to skip Nordic Meisters tomorrow. My hamstrings have been really, really tight, and I can directly attribute that to skiing. And, trying to ski fast. So, no ski racing. That's Operation Rejuvenation. Plus, lots of eating. Eating a lot always seems to help.

My training plan for the 10-Mile Classic has long since been out the window. I've done maybe 3 of the workouts/tempo runs I've planned. So, instead of going in "fast," I'm going in well-rested. (Of course, in my mind, I still think I can run just as fast.) And, hopefully, rejuvenated. OK, time to eat.


Jamie said...

Smart move in scaling back. It'll pay dividends in the long run (literally and figuratively).

Trail Monster Running said...

My original plan for the 10 miler was to train hard and then try to hang onto you during the race. My training has gone about as good as yours, so I was about to give up on the race altogether, but maybe I'll still try to hang with you and see who's better rested.

sn0m8n said...

Ian - It's a plan. Hopefully, you can hang onto my 12-minute miles.