Monday, January 12, 2009

Afternoon at Pineland Farms

Despite the pull of the couch, D and I headed to Pineland Farms for a ski this afternoon. It was the first time we'd skied together this winter, and the first time I classic skied this winter. Both good things! The temperature was perfect, the snow was great, the views were beautiful, and the company was the best. It was a great afternoon on the snow. D posted some pics.

Physically, I felt good. We skied easily, and I wanted to make sure the heart rate stayed low. After all, I had just run a few miles the other day, and this was a recovery ski. My ankles aren't really still sore, but I can still feel them. Other than that, no ill effects. I'm very pleasantly surprised. Tomorrow is the second week of Nordic Meisters, and I'm hoping to lose by slightly less. Really, I just want to ski smoothly. Limiting the flailing should lead to a better result. If not, I'll look at cutting the course.

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middle.professor said...

Or hire Jeff Gillooly...