Thursday, January 15, 2009

If You Go Outside, You Will Die

Well, that's what you would believe if you listen to the Weather Channel. (Which, I must remind you is based in Atlanta.) Sure, it's cold, but it's not that cold. Actually, I may have bought into a bit of the hype myself, as I felt a bit overdressed on my run. It was 11 when I headed out the door, but there was no wind. And once I got over the initial frozen nose, it was quite pleasant. I ran the 5-mile quasi-out-and-back in the Commons, and the trail was in great shape as it had been packed out by a number of walkers and skiers. All in all, a good run.

It was my first run since Saturday, but I haven't been sitting around. I've gotten in two skis since then, but I have to admit, I think my "cross-training" is kind of hurting me. I know that's somewhat ridiculous, but I was really tight. Much tighter than I was after the 40k on Saturday. Using those different muscles certainly has left a mark. More stretching and foam rolling tonight.

Being a bit of a Stars Wars geek...not the dress up in a costume and go to a convention geek, but rather the own all the movies and have seen them a thousand times kind of geek, I found this to be one of the funniest things ever:

Incidentally, if anyone knows where I can sell a good lot of mostly in great shape played with action figures, let me know.

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mindy said...

I want the gold suit.
Have you tried ebay for action figures?